Welcome to a New Day!

Maybe you are brand new to real estate, are re-emerging into a new marketplace or you consistently never get past an escrow count or income level. Perhaps you are finally ready to build your own team or become an investor, yourself. Whatever your reason is for coming to us, we are glad you’re here and you need to know, you are not alone.

Being a REALTOR® is a wonderful way to create personal wealth as well as, an opportunity to deepen important relationships in your life. When done right, you can build a successful and long-lasting business, allowing you the freedom to create the life you truly want to live. Is it hard? You bet! Can it be fun, rewarding and incredibly fulfilling? Absolutely!

Whenever you are ready to truly commit to yourself, your business and living your best life, we are ready to show you how. It’s not magic or even outside of what you already know you need to do but as you peruse our site, you will see that we offer something a little different. Helping you to become and excel at being a true entrepreneur in real estate, is our purpose and we cannot wait to empower you!



Working with us means that you will be learning about yourself as much as you will learn about the kind of business you want to build and how you will get there. We believe that the business model of today must revolve around the kind of life you want to live as well as the business success you want to experience. We take a holistic approach when coaching and seek to truly understand who YOU are and in turn, show you how to use that information to create a unique business for yourself. That’s what we call, Coaching With a Conscience!

The job of being a REALTOR isn’t always easy but when you take the time to do the work and deeply understand the entrepreneur you want to be, the impact on your community you wish to have and the life you want to live, the tough days are less so and your systems, strategies and foundational keys of your business will always bring you back to a solid place. We can’t guarantee you will enjoy every escrow, agent or even client but we can tell you that knowing who you are in business and how you want to work and why, leverages you in a way nothing else can.

This is what makes us different from other coaching companies and we are proud of what we do and how we do it. Our beliefs and approach speak for themselves. Check out what our guests experience when they work with us!




Janine is a fabulous coach and mentor. Her training and professional coaching helped me to take control of my business and develop a custom business plan that reflects my lifestyle and financial goals. My real estate business has grown each year as a result. I’m so grateful for her support and highly recommend her to any real estate professional struggling to get started or take their business to the next level.


For those who want the short story: Janine is the best.

Long Story: Janine is highly organized, holds you accountable while being equally warm and no nonsense. She has coached people in the beginning of their careers and folks near retirement. She provides useful tools, creates opportunities for you to make connections, and will forever be your biggest cheerleader. I am one of those lucky enough to have met her at the beginning of my Real Estate career and she helped launch me to out preform many of those around me.

Do yourself a favor and work with Janine. As long as you show up in the ways she lays out, you will undoubtedly soar.


Janine meets you where you are, helps you gain an honest assessment of how your daily actions correspond to where you want to be, and provides effective strategies for implementation. She is energetic, insightful, and supportive while telling you what you need to know, not what you want to hear.


Janine’s agent coaching program is essential for all new real estate and/or business owners. It is a lot of key information on how to run your business and is a MUST-have if you want to be successful…In addition, Janine; is a rock star coach at that-You won’t find better. She’s a gem that you have to get to know!


Janine is a dedicated educator who has a great perspective. I have greatly benefited from being around her and her tutelage. I am a better professional because of her. She is a great accountability partner and her follow up is amazing. But she is especially good at what she does because she cares!


I highly recommend J Hunt Consulting Group and the Align 6 week coaching sessions. I truly appreciated the breakdown of each weekly topic and the opportunities to meet and get to know other agents through the rotating accountability buddies component. These past 6 weeks have brought me back into my business on a deeper level that will allow me to elevate and grow it to wherever I desire.